OOO «Favorit»

According to Data Protection applicable laws, OOO «Favorit» (“Provider”) hereby informs users who may provide personal data to the Provider, of its Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy applies to any collection of data by the Provider, by any method, such as written or electronic mail, receipt of business cards, telephone, through a web site or forms. It is understood that any user that provides his/her personal data to the Provider does so voluntarily and freely and with its express and unequivocal consent.

Data Base: The Personal Data collected by the Provider by any method will be incorporated in the data base known as the “sudoplanet Database”, which is part of the “Fichero de Gestión General”, located in the Provider’s registered office. This database contains only identity data, such as name, surname, country, and electronic mail address.

Purpose: The purpose of the above mentioned database is to set up a payment system for License 2 according to sudoplanet Software License and to send users information regarding sudoplanet updates. Nobody is obliged to provide data to the Provider, the only consequence of not doing so being that the Provider will not be able to process the payment of License 2, deliver the software, or contact such person.

Rights: Any person providing its personal data to the Provider has rights of access, correction, cancellation and objection regarding its personal data. Such rights may be exercised by notice in writing sent to the Provider’s registered address or by electronic mail sent to .

The Provider undertakes to respect the obligation of privacy established by applicable law in respect of the data contained in its database.

If the Provider provides and applies any particular data protection conditions for any specific service, these will prevail in case of conflict between them and this Privacy Policy.

The Provider reserves its right to modify its Privacy Policy in accordance with applicable law at any time. Any amendment to the Policy will be published on the website, accessible by any person.